The Ben & Bikes Rules of the Trail

  1. Don’t be a dick

  2. Give way to the following:

    • Up hill riders

    • Hikers

    • Horses

    • Small kids on bikes

  3. When a fellow rider gives way to you, say thank you

  4. If you see someone off their bike, on the side of the trail/road ask them if they are OK

  5. Say hello to fellow riders

  6. When someone says hello to you, say hello back

  7. Always carry the following:

    • CO2 & nozzle/pump

    • Multi-tool to include a chain tool

    • Inner tube (even if you run tubeless)

    • Tire irons

    • Baby aspirin

  8. Always wear a helmet (obviously)

  9. Take it easy on those blind corners where you know there could be oncoming traffic

  10. Don’t ride round the mud, ride through the mud